On the way home from work I came across a daddy-long-legs (opilione) dragging itself along on three and a half legs. It was so pathetic, I wished I could ask it, Would you rather just be dead? I could have killed it in half a second and it could have become a painting or something. Would it have hurt? Would it have hurt more or less than the loss of legs? But I couldn’t ask, so I just left it alone.

Speaking of maimed/dead things, my tablet stylus randomly died on Sunday. Well, the eraser end still works, but one cannot draw wis the eraser end. Fortunately, this was after I’d finished my HR stuff… else I think I would have shattered. I wanted to do my MRCAeX on Monday, but there was this lack of stylus. I believe the new one I ordered will arrive today, and then I will dew that peecture. I tried to draw it in pencil, but that sucked.

HR has eaten my brain, BTW. Very much like PotM did back in the day. I can’t seem to work on anything else, and the only thing in the world that’s sufficiently distracting is Majora’s Mask. So I’ve been alternating between HR and the latter game all week. I have come up wis a few random paragraphs of random fics, but nothing significant. I don’t know how long this will last… if I get the entire comic scripted from beginning to end in the first few weeks, I will be terribly amused.

OK, time for some Linkage.