Ah, what a neglectful journaler (journalist?) I am. I blame it on HR… though the few items that have managed to distract me therefrom have not been particularly entry-inducing either. It’s downright maddening not to be able to work on anything else… I need some Saitou/Sano before I go insane, but Saitou’s not going to show up until chapter 3 of HR. Well, I think my block may be limited to RK, so I’ma skip Wild Cat and Majime ni Ikite for now and see if I can’t get the Hero, Hero chapter finished. If I can, hopefully that’ll knock me back into place and I can do those JnK items then. And maybe finish a 30_Kisses item too. That will make me happy. And now I will stop this entry. Mayhap I will make a real(er) entry later.