So my parents got me a bike for my birthday. It is made of love. It is black and silver and vera lovely. First Tokio was scared of it, and now she keeps curling up against it. It has halved the time it takes me to get to work (uphill) and quartered the time it takes me to get home (downhill). The only problem is that I haven’t touched a bike for ten years, and right now my legs feel like they wish to be amputated and my ass and inner thighs are so sore I could cry. These, of course, will get better.

A bike needs a name. Naturally my first thought was to call it “Saitou,” for obvious reasons, and that probably would have stuck if my mom (of all people) hadn’t suggested “Appa,” which is so cute and squee that methinks it must stay. Anyway, the thing was so O_O expensive that I’m hoping they’ll make it my Christmas present too. It has such lovely shifty gear items that I spent most of the way to work yesterday going back and forth among them XD

Earlier this week, I drawed a peecture that has become my new Favorite Peecture I Ever Drawed, so I decided it needed to be here too so people who don’t follow my site could see it and the excessive love that it is.

In other news, M is leaving tomorrow T__T Also my whole family besides P for a bit, and I CANNOT GO WIS THEM because of stupid not getting the days off. MOU.