I must needs make an entry at work, since now I know I will not make one at home… at least not today. You see, Fiddychan rescued me on Friday from being sad about not being able to go wis my family to see my grandma etc.. This rescue consisted of (among other things) quite a few hours of Heroes, with which I had not previously been familiar. We got about halfway through the DVD’s before we went shopping and stuff, and then she lent me the set to finish. Yesterday, somewhat in the middle of productivity, I decided to watch an episode… and that was the end of my day. I feel in my soul that today will be spent in much the same manner. I am glad x12 that I don’t have a TV, else mas awesome shows would eat my life all day every day.

On Sunday P made me the most delicious cakie, as she often does, and she and I and Kyle played Mario Party and Smash. It was a good birthday. I am almost thirty. That’s pretty cool.