First, here is Appa. See how prettiful he is:

I still cannot ride him since he is not fixed yet. Why is that so much fun to say?

I need to document my zit dream, but methinks I shall do it in a different post since it was kinda gross.

OK, the weirdest thing. I’d better start from the beginning, which is actually, like, a year and a half ago. Back before I moved, when I was getting my wisdom teeth out, Mithtow Thtwaidow made me a present. It was a hand-made book of Years Go Up and Moments drift back-to-back, using the title peectures I’d drawn for them (these two, wis one flipped for design purposes). Here are peectures of it:

It is one of my most cherished possessions, which is, doubtless, the reason I have never documented it in my journal before this XD Sometimes I take it to work so I can stare at it all day, grieve over typos, and/or begin to love myself all over again.

Well, last Friday, Gregoreee texted me to ask if he could borrow it. I told him he could, on the condition that he protected it wis his life. Then on Monday when I came in and sat down in the spot next to him, he immediately turned to me and said, “Well, I’m not much of a wrapper, but….” and handed me this box. Of course I thought he said “rapper” and was momentarily highly confused, but anyway… I open the box and discover this birthday present for me that I can’t describe as anything other than FANGIRL BLING: this dog-tag-style necklace wis the images from the front and back of the book on its two sides.

I was nearly speechless. It was so weird and awesome. I tried to take peectures of it just now, but I couldn’t get the image on the metal to show up in the picture and it just looks like a dog-tag otherwise. Plus Tokio wouldn’t stop attacking it, so I mostly got shots of her head. But it’s… weird. And awesome. And terribly, terribly geeky. I put my RK ring in the box wis it and they are being happy merchandising friends.

Today I dealt myself a game of Solitaire that had no legal moves. I had been wondering if that was possible; well, it is. It was exciting.

So the other night when Fiddychan and I were at Wal-Mart, we had a mystical experience. Heading back out through the parking lot to her car, I was chattering and she was listening until the sudden advent of loud music silenced me. It was coming from a car where two guys were sitting… one of them seemed middle-aged, the other in his mid-twenties, but that was from the back through car windows so I could be wrong. What stunned me about this was that the song these adult males were blasting across the parking lot was Yuzurenai Negai. It was absolutely surreal to me.

And I think that’s enough entry for now. Mayhap I shall go on to describe my dream, but maybe not.