Yesterday I got up at 730. Today I got up at 830. This is very unusual for a weekend.

My drive has stopped reading DVD’s. It’s very annoying. Yesterday I went to my family’s house to watch item. Also I got my hair cut by an Asian woman who tried to guess what my tattoo said and thought it was something about evil electricity. Awesome. She was freaking adorable. Also I wented to the mall wis P and found a new Yoshinaga Fumi manga. It was lovely.

Yesterday I was productive, too. Nothing postworthy yet — and it’s been three weeks since I posted anything besides HR — but quite a few stories let me work on them, most notably WaA. It was love and squee on me. Today I finished my HR page and now I am cleaning everything. Yay cleaning!

Incidentally, I think I’ve managed to get rid of K*SD! for now.

Now meme.
1) Where did you get the shirt your wearing?

2) Who do you currently like?

3) Who is your last myspace message from?
No clue

4) Sunrise or Sunset?

5) What time did you go to sleep last night?
Uh… I don’t remember

6) Time you woke up?

7) What movie is in your DVD player?
Fucking stupid drive

8) When’s your birthday?
September 2

9) Last thing that pissed you off?
My DVD drive

10) Are you cocky?

11) Can you speak French?
Not the tiniest smidgen

12) Have you ever been to Mexico?

13) Do you make your bed daily?

14) Your favorite movie?

18) Boxers or briefs?
Boxers or thongs

19) Is there a TV in your bedroom?

20) How many piercings do you have?
Four (two in each ear)

23) Your own personal pets?

23) Your best friend(s)?
Fiddy and Strider

24) Last two numbers in your phone number?

25. Who was the last person you called?
Lessee… Pierrling

26) Where are your parents from?
Oregon and Washington

27) Are you Irish?

28) Can you roll your tongue?

29) Who was the last person to call you?
That 804 number that keeps calling me and I keep ignoring

30) Best fast food french fries?
Dunno; I loves them all, pretty well

32) How was your day?
It is vera nice ^__^

33) Have you ever eaten at T.G.I Friday’s?
Yeth, I believe so

34) Can you skateboard?

35) How about play an instrument?
Not really

36) How much money do you have on you right now?

37) Song you’re listening to right now?
Dearest by Hamasaki Ayumi

38) Who’s in your house?
I do not have a house. Tokio and I are in my apartment, though.

39) What are you doing today?
Mostly cleaning. I will hopefully work on stories later, though.

40) Is your window open?

41) What side of the bed do you sleep on?
Every side

42) Who was the last person on your bed other than you?

43) Can you think of anyone special you want in your bed?

44) Your favorite season?
Dunno; I loves them all

45) Car you drive?
I do not have one, but every once in a while I borrow on of my parents’ Saturns

49) Favorite food?
Bacon? Maybe

50) Something you’re looking forward in the next month?
The weather cooling off

51) Have you ever been to an art museum?

52) Do you like Mexican food?

52) Papa John’s or Domino’s?

53) When’s the last time you showered?
Friday night

54) What’s your pants look like?
Girly jeans

55) Favorite show to watch?
Lately, She-Ra: Princess of Power. Too bad my idiotic drive won’t load the DVD’s anymore.

57) Have you ever seen/watched Aqua Team Hunger Force?
Yeth, unfortunately

58) Favorite current song?
Towa no Mirai is always my favorite ^__^