Yesterday I went to my family’s house to have a Heroes party wis L, but I went over significantly earlier and lay around playing Majora’s Mask for a while. Then, twenty or so minutes before it was going to start, my mom’s like WE ARE GOING TO THE MALL NOW AND L MUST GO WIS US. Well, I didn’t want to be like SORRY L I WILL HAVE HEROES PARTY WISOUT YOU WHILE YOU GET DRAGGED TO THE MALL FOR NO REASON, but I didn’t want to miss Heroes and therefore entirely undermine my purpose in going there. But P was like I WILL TAPE IT FOR YOU GUYS. So I went to the mall ^__^ I found OoT:Master Quest (because Link and the Game Cube and I are going to happily grow old together), and then when we got home we watched the taped episode. So it was a very successful trip.

By the time we were done watching it was terribly late — 2250 — and I biked the homeward route for the first time. I discovered that there are no streetlights most of the way; that’s kinda creepsome. BUT since it was so late that also means there was no traffic most of the way. And guess what. TEN MINUTES. It was eleven o’clock when I got home. That’s freaking three minutes per mile. Of course I am still the pathetic and was about ready to collapse and suffering from exercise-induced asthma when I fell into bed, but still. Appa and I are the win.

The suck was that for some reason then I had really terrible sneep. I usually have pretty bad sneeps, but I figured the exercise would help me sneep better. In fact it was way worse than usual, and today I am telve exhausted and a little silly. Sti sti sti.