Before I go to bed, it is important to document a couple of dreams. I have been so bad about that lately, but these two are so awesome that if I neglect them I will regret it forever. The first one is a little gross, though, so read the next paragraph at your discretion.

At first I was the Avatar (in Aang’s situation specifically), and my siblings/companions and I were trying to plan our assault on the Fire Lord. Then it shifted gears to my acne, which my brother and I were examining together in a bathroom somewhere. And it was indeed interesting enough to merit the attention of two people. I had these four perfectly round two-inch-wide zits, and for some reason the skin covering them was metallic and gold and very easily peeled off. When I did peel off this skin (because I always tear my zits apart IRL), it revealed these gaping holes in my face — not penetrating my cheeks into my mouth or anything, but, like, pocket dimensions in my flesh. And in these little caves were collected many little balls wis the consistency of boba. They were full of pus, though. So I grabbed this cup (a 32oz cardboard cup like you’d get from McDonald’s) and started tilting my head so the little balls would fall out into it. And there were enough to fill the cup entirely. I found this utterly fascinating when I woke up, and it has not lessened in the weeks that have passed since then. Why do I have such awesome dreams.

The second dream was last night. In this dream I was a Time Lord, which was, apparently, signified by the fact that I had a pool ball embedded in/growing out of my back in the spot where my ribs pull away from my spine and hurt so horribly all the time. (Because of this pain, I’m constantly having dreams about weird shit happening to me there, but this may have been the weirdest.) So I had this eight ball in my back, and by this everyone knew I was a Time Lord. And there was some horrible thing going on in the world, very much like in the season finale from last night (surprisingly enough), and I had spent a long time creating a plan that would end all the horrible stuff and set everything to rights. The culmination of this plan was for me to die, and the only way for that to happen was for somebody to shoot me in my… ball. *snerk* So I was kneeling on the ground crying (because, though I wanted to save the world, I was not eager to die) while some equally reluctant person stood behind me wis a gun aimed at my eight ball. Lots of people stopped what they were doing to watch. But then either the dream changed or I woke up.

There was some other dream after that about rescuing a town that had a demonic lair under its town hall or something and used to give people to it as offerings, but that one was mostly sensory and not worth detailing.