It’s finally gotten colder. Freaking forever-long summer. And riding Appa through the cold is a new experience… when I was younger, a bike was a source of entertainment, not a means of transportation, so if it was cold I didn’t ride. A zip-up sweatshirt lets in far too much wind, and I definitely need gloves. I should order those ones from Amazon that I’ve been meaning to for a year now but haven’t because they’re so damn expensive. Why do I have no problem spending large amounts of money on manga and CD’s but refuse to buy myself articles of apparel I want and need?

I think I’m going to add Toby Keith’s Knock Yourself Out to my list of Saitou/Sano songs, primarily because of these lines:

Knock yourself out
Break me in two
You gotta go, do what you gotta do
I gave you my best shot
But you didn’t fall
Head over heels in love after all

Of course just about anything that likens aspects of a relationship to physical fighting will remind me of them. The rest of the song works pretty well too, though it does mention another guy that the person being addressed is or has been involved with. Anyway, that makes yet another breakup song on that list. Suck. Ah, well. I’m finishing up a get-together story, so I shall negate the effect.

My bathroom sink was made specifically for Tokio to curl up in. At least, that seems to be her opinion. And she does fit very well. Sinkbaby.

I’m probably going to go get my hair cut today. I’m getting rid of the eartails. I do love them, but they don’t work wis this hairstyle. That is, the hairstyle I’ve got planned, if the right half would hurry up wis the growings already.

Now no mas entry.