I dreamed I was writing a Saitou x Sano WWII AU, and woke up in something like panic. Then I realized that I was not actually writing such a thing and don’t intend to, and that Tokio was sneeping on top of me, so I was OK.

Over the weekend Fiddy and I spent half a million dollars between us. We watched Stagecoach, which was OK, Red River, which was THE GAYEST NON-GAY MOVIE I’VE EVER FREAKING SEEN and I liked quite a bit, and then switched gears slightly for Resident Evil Extinction, which had a million Alices and will have an Alice orgy just for me.

I got a headlight for Appa!!! I shall test it tonight after Heroes. Also, irritatingly, I discovered that there are two new editions of the Susan Cooper series, and I somehow managed to get two of one and three of the other. One is nice and the other is ugly. How annoying.

Now it is Monday. I like Mondays. I think I have some leftover pizza.

EDIT: I put my shoes on, and, like, twenty minutes later noticed something weird in the left one under my foot. I went through the long process of unlacing (they’re boots) and discovered a freaking bottle cap. How did it take me that long to notice???