First, a survey:

01. When did you first begin watching anime?
Maybe eight years ago? I can’t really remember.

02. What was the first anime you ever watched?
Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon

03. What is your current favorite anime?
Probably Rurouni Kenshin… but I like the manga so much better… and I have other anime that are less crappily done than RK… which yet I still don’t like better because they don’t have Saitou… so, yeah, I’ll have to go wis Rurouni Kenshin.

04. What is your all-time favorite anime?
Uh, I think these two questions in a row are stupid.

05. What is your least favorite anime?
Dunno. If I’m not getting into something, it’s unlikely I will end up watching enough episodes to start actively disliking it.

06. Who are your favorite anime characters?
Saitou, Sano, Hiko, Akabane

07. Who are your least favorite anime characters?

08. Who is your favorite seiyuu?
Suzuoki Hirotaka, Ueda Yuuji, Suzukaze Mayo. Why do I get to list multiple most and least favorite characters but am only allowed to pick one seiyuu?

09. Who is your favorite English voice actor?
Suck. Die. Fuck you all.

10. Do you prefer subs or dubs?
I think I just answered that. Incidentally, I hate the phrase “subs or dubs,” but I’m too lazy to explain why right now.

11. What is the best dub you’ve ever seen?
The Mononoke-Hime dub, while it still had serious issues, at least also had some talented voice actors that I didn’t want to maim. Not that I’d willingly watch it again.

12. What is the worst dub you’ve ever seen?
The BSSM dub. Just thinking about it makes me twitch.

13. What anime character do you resemble physically?
None, just like most humans

14. What anime character do you resemble in personality?
Chou, without the bloodlust… but that’s really based on my interpretation of his personality, since we don’t get to know him all that well in canon

15. What is your favorite anime opening song?
Maybe Yuragu Koto Nai Ai, but I’m not sure

16. What is your favorite anime ending song?
Towa no Mirai, even if the movie was bullshit

17. Who is your favorite anime hero / heroine?

18. Who is your favorite anime villain?
“Villain” is such a debatable term. Well, I’ll go with Schuldig.

19. What is your current favorite manga?
Rurouni Kenshin, of course

20. What’s the most you’ve ever paid for a piece of anime merchandise?
Wait, we only get one question about manga after all that nonsense about anime??????? What kind of retard survey is this?? Anyway, I don’t remember how much most I’ve paid for merchandise.

They’ve changed my schedule again. Now I work at 1130. This really doesn’t make much of a difference to me on a daily basis, but it’s going to be highly inconvenient on days such as Thanksgiving, when my family will either have to put off dinner until 1900 or just eat wisout me. I may apply elsewhere soon.

I had some dreams; let’s see what linear sense I can make of them. There was one where I and my family were going to some campground or something for a vacation in a white rented van. For some reason we had Mrs. Palmer wis us (though she looked more like movie McGonagall), which I thought was just terribly exciting — I was all thinking about what awesome book talks we were going to be able to have. There were several scenes of driving through snowy mountains and freaking out, but the rented van handled much better on the bad roads than the van we used to have IRL did and we didn’t really have any problems. Eventually we came to this house where some lady was waiting for us.

Next scene, I was in church wis Mrs. Palmer and P was speaking. After she’d finished making the point of her talk, she started talking about herself and what she’d done recently exactly as if she were writing a blog, and everyone in the room was kinda like O_o She even came down from the pulpit to grab some notes from her bag to remind her of what she’d done recently so she could keep talking. Eventually people started protesting out loud. I was so embarrassed for her. It was really weird.

Then I dreamed that Fe and I were visiting a friend who worked on a satellite. But as we reached the door of the satellite, the whole thing rotated and dumped us off. We fell a long way and landed in a lake. I somehow survived, and was looking around for Fe… but first I had to get my boots off, since they’re heavy and were being problematic on me. I lost one to the depths of the lake, but one I set on the edge (the lake had edges). There were many childs swimming and playing the lake, and I got some of them to help me look for Fe. But we couldn’t find her, and I was starting to panic. Then, as all the childs were going to go away because it was getting late, the sun became at such an angle that I could see all underwater areas of the lake, and she was definitely not there. I did find my boot, though. And eventually found out that Fe had used the secret underwater entrance to the government facility that was in charge of the satellite. Of course! I should have known. So she was OK.

Then there was the one where I was at a car outside the Jamboree building (for whatever reason), and saw somebody shoot someone. He saw me see him, so he was obviously going to come after me… so I ran around the back of the building and went inside. When I was a kid I located a couple of places in that building that would be the best places to hide from a mad gunman, and I ran straight for one of those. It wasn’t there because my dreamscape was retarded, so I just pretended I was in it. I heard the guy coming and hoped he would respect the normal rules of my dreams… but then I woke up.

Ever since I put my warmer blanket on my bed, cat likes to curl up on it and Be Camouflage. Because the blanket is black and she is black. If I glance into the room, I can’t tell whether or not she’s there. It’s awesome.

OK, it has taken me, like, two hours to write this entry because I keep getting distracted by stuff. Now I am going to stop writing this entry and go be productive. On what shall I be productive? I should be working on my MRCAeX, which I have only started the outline of, but I don’t feel like it. Schuuu and Crawfeee were being unusually cooperative last night, so perhaps I can coax more story out of them. I am hungy, though. What should I eat. I dunno. No mas entry.