I think I’ve actually gotten, like, ten doujinshi since my last doujinshi report. But the only one I’m going to tell about at this time is a Hiko x Saitou I just got whose title I can’t read because it’s freaking handwritten and handwritten kanji destroy me. Anyway, it’s kinda like (Up)Turning the Tables wis a different pairing, and anything that reminds me of my own fics is always awesome. This may be my favorite HxS dj I have now. Anyway, here’s what happens in it:

Saitou comes into work one day, and the police chief tells him about an assignment he has for him. This assignment evidently involves dressing up as a whore in order to get close to some evil guy or something. The chief’s got a kimono for him and everything. Saitou doesn’t like this, but unhappily accepts anyway. He takes the package wis the kimono and goes into his own office.

In his office, Hiko is waiting; he greets him wis this cheesy thumbs-up and some dialogue wis little hearts in it. But Saitou ignores him and goes to his desk in annoyance. Hiko is surprised at this behavior, and Saitou is grouchy. Hiko tries to cheer him up; eventually kisses him, and suggests that he give him a blow job under the desk. At this point Saitou throws him out the window. Kenshin’s out there for some reason.

Next day, Saitou’s looking at the kimono being annoyed when the chief escorts Chou in. Chou is all ready for the job in drag wis his hairs down, and he is SO FREAKING ADORABLE, and Saitou is utterly shocked at how he looks. Chou seems to be fairly pleased at being dressed like a woman. The police chief seems to like it too, but then he leaves. Saitou gets changed while Chou sits there straddling a chair backwards (I have no idea how he does this in a woman’s kimono), and there is sword-borne life-threatening at one point due to some comment of Chou’s. Saitou makes a very hot, very severe-looking woman, and they head out.

In the district where they hope to find the guy they’re looking for, they run into Kenshin. In a wide-starry-eyed blissful daze he asks how much for Saitou; I don’t think he recognizes him, and he definitely doesn’t recognize Chou. Saitou beats him over the head, and Chou tells him he shouldn’t be in this part of town. Kenshin is sad, and Chou keeps talking to him while Saitou talks to some people nearby trying to find the one they’re looking for. The conversation between Kenshin and Chou escalates and seems about to become a physical fight, but the angry posing/powering up they do causes Chou’s hair to go back up to its normal position; this causes Kenshin to die of shock. Then Saitou, who was by then already trying to get them to stop, smiles and says something wis this really pretty womanly face and I’m like *__* EAT HIM. But whatever he says shocks Chou and Kenshin quite a bit. Then Saitou and Chou start to walk away.

Somebody calls to them, and they turn to see the guy they were looking for. The guy seems quite taken by Saitou, and Saitou flirts shamelessly. Eventually he suggests the guy take him home, which shocks and worries Chou, but what are you going to do? Chou leaves, and Saitou goes off wis the guy.

At the guy’s home, there is some flirtatious talking, and eventually the guy advances on Saitou and produces this little envelope… which is obviously important to the whole operation, though I don’t know why. But just at that moment, who should come bursting in but an enraged Hiko. He’s not nearly as enraged as Saitou is at having his mission interrupted at what seemed to be a crucial point, though. Hiko, of course, never pays attention to any of Saitou’s protests, and knocks the other guy out. Then he comes close to examine Saitou’s makeup and hair and stuff, and makes some comment that pisses Saitou off all over again. He holds Saitou’s hand and simultaneously tries to get under his kimono to grope him. Saitou smacks his hands away, but Hiko makes some comment about the guy he knocked out and pushes Saitou to the floor, kissing him.

When he’s finished, we get a vera nice full-length shot of Saitou lying there in his pretty kimono wis his manly leg showing. It is lovely *__* Evidently Hiko thinks so too, because he decides it’s time for sex. He searches through the guy’s drawers until he finds some sort of lube in a little jar. Saitou doesn’t like this idea, but eventually gives in. Then they have sex in which there are actual visible penises. Eventually Saitou’s wig falls off, and that’s funny and nice. Afterwards, Hiko cuddles Saitou in lap very patronizingly (we can see the unconscious other guy lying nearby) and says something annoying; Saitou bashes his head back into Hiko’s nearby face, causing Hiko to fly backwards away from him. But as Saitou gets up to walk away, Hiko grabs his kimono and trips him. As they’re both lying on the floor again, Hiko makes some casual comment to which Saitou replies somewhat resignedly. Then Hiko says something else that freaks Saitou out, and that’s the end.

Except for one panel that indicates Chou has found Kenshin again and they’re having soba together elsewhere.

This dj gets a freaking million out of ten. So much win.