I’ve gotten so bad at recording my dreams. I do, like, one out of twenty or something. But I had to mention these two. In the first one, my mom was going to divorce my dad and get wis this other guy who was a horrible person. I was so incredibly distraught about this that I was crying uncontrollably. Seems like, if not realistic, at least something that happens in the normal world, right? That was until my good friend Akabane showed up to comfort me, and I started trying to figure out how I could use this to get him to sleep wis me ^__^;;;;;;;

Next, my family and some other people and I were making our way through a Mugenjou-like place that was sometimes an evil mansion (there are a lot of evil mansions in my dreams). Sometimes there were elements of Beauty and the Beast involved, sometimes that godawful Pathfinder movie, and a little bit of Riddick thrown in; but by the time we got out (via elevator) we were discussing the entire experience, what we’d liked about it and what we hadn’t, as if it had been the last Harry Potter book. There were also children (cousins?) there that we had to take care of, and the one for whom I was primarily responsible wanted to go swimming so much that she jumped into some water in her clothes. I got mad.

Why the recurring GetBackers themes? I don’t know. But I got hugged by Akabane, so I definitely win.