I found a spring at work. It’s freaking awesome.

There are few things I can’t stand in fanfiction, but recently I realized another one: Saitou/Sano friendship (that doesn’t end wis them in love, I mean). It’s like having a bacon cheeseburger you’re only allowed to look at.

Speaking of bacon cheeseburgers, I’m going to die of starvations pretty soon here.

I think this year got dropped on its autumn before it was delivered; November seems to be defective too.

I was writing very productively, but then out of the blue I got an idea for something I could do to my site… and it was one of those changes that appears relatively small when you’re browsing the site but that took me half a million years to do. So now I need to get back to writing, if I can remember where I left off and if I don’t starve to death.

Earlier I noticed my necklace smelled funny, so I put it on a hand mirror in a little pool of hand sanitizer. Tokio came over and started stalking it and then attacking it. I laughed so hard.

No mas.