So my parents bought this ginormous flat-screen TV. It’s the family’s Christmas present, obtained early because extended family is coming for Thanksgiving and it seems like a good idea to be able to watch Christmas movies together on a bigger TV. Anyway, they buy this massive TV, and what do they watch on it? College football streamed off the internet. I laughed so much. However, I had no right to laugh, given that the first thing I tested on it was an N64 game.

Speaking of family, my sister is having her baby Monday morning by C-section. Not being the one actually having the baby, I am able to be as excited about this as I want. Which is pretty damn excited!! I am going to be an aunt!!!!!!!!! GAH. So awesome.

Also exciting (like my transitions today?) is that I finished the first part of Aku Soku Zan(za). Though obviously not as exciting as my first nephew, it’s childbearing farther up my own alley and still terribly exciting. ASZz is made of squee on me. I’m working on yet another title picture for it, and hopefully this time I’ll be able to come up with something decent-looking that I don’t hate.

I’ve been drawing too much lately, though; my arm and back are in greater, more consistent pain than usual. I’m going to stop drawing until upcoming HR pages and then maybe take next week off drawing too… no matter how much that will annoy me on account of being in the middle of half a million projects. I’ve got another, non-drawing project that needs to be finished by next Wednesday, though, so it’s probably a good idea anyway. I’ll play Castle of the Winds or something whilst I work on it.

I have dreams I want to tell about, but that can wait for a different entry. At the moment it’s time to go to P’s baby shower. Bye-bee.