My tablet stylus is dying; it’s behaving exactly the way the last one did when it died. This either means that styluses for this particular tablet are mean and evil, or that this tablet is mean and evil to its styluses. I suspect the latter, since it was years before the first stylus died and now here the second one is dying six months later: the aged tablet is getting grouchy. Anyway it amounts to the same thing: I need a new tablet. When I will be in a position to acquire one is a matter of great question. Though since I will never draw anything I love better than Green, I don’t suppose it greatly matters if I ever draw again. I would miss HR, though.

I put up my Christmas tree yesterday after I cleaned the world. It is so cute ^__^ Tokio immediately attacked it and then mostly ignored it. She is so cute ^__^ And just as I’ve started typing this, she’s started attacking it again.

My nephew (HAH I GET TO SAY THAT) is a spellcaster. He flings out his arms at random in the most amusing gestures.

It is extremely cold tonight. It was warm on the way to work, but I thought I was going to die on the way home. Which was entirely my own fault, since I was too scatterbrained this morning to grab my scarf (MY LET SCARF) when I left. But I’m still freezing at the moment, inside, wearing half a million layers.

Holy crap, why is Aves so adorable. Also, I freaking win at Crawford and Schuldig.

OK, enough entry.