My parents have the heaters set not to go at night. So in the guest room it gets to be negative a million degrees at night. Then, as soon as the sun comes up and starts warming the room, the heaters go, “OH YEAH I REMEMBER I WAS SUPPOSED TO HEAT THIS PLACE!!!!” and come on and it gets to be positive a million degrees. Add to this the fact that the bed is not comfortable, and you get a faery who has not slept well at all lately. And the worse she sleeps, the more McDonald’s nightmares she has.

Don’t think I’m complaining, though. OK, well, technically, I am. But only because I figured a journal entry before Christmas is appropriate, and I don’t have much else to say. I’m just sitting around waiting for it to be time to go to work, and I said all the important stuff yesterday in kuroiyousei anyway. It’s weird that my ring fingers have differently-shaped fingernails than my other fingers. Sometimes it bothers me. Now no mas entry.