I decided to make an entry, but by the time I’d typed the very important subject I realized that I had nothing to say or had forgotten what I was going to say. So I will just make some important philosophical comments on various important topics.

Vampires are awesome, but to me they equal angst more than sex. Mostly because of the lack of circulation. Took took took. Took bloods around. It’s very important to suck all the blood. What if you were in a coffin wis a door? What about that.

I drawed Cho and she has a butterfly whoosh. That’s pretty awesome. It was going to be a bunch of butterflies, but they melted into each other. Like melting pandas. Only wisout pandas and wis butterflies. Gold butterflies. Too bad they were all on graph paper. Cho Cho Cho.

The bisexual Hiko in my mind is at odds wis himself. He doesn’t want to do anything more than flirt wis women. What three words should I say? That is, what word should I say three times? Hiko Hiko Hiko. There we go. MmmmmmmmHiko.

I got to see the DD spoiler that Mookie sended out even though he didn’t send it to me. He sended it to Mostle and she showed it to me. That is freaking awesome. I feel so spoiled and in the know.

Chibs drawed a peecture. It is of himself and a fish (apparently) and some other stuff that I don’t know what it is. Especially the scaly? furry? object on the far right.


What about great ideas. I have so many of those. One of these days I’ma go back home to my own home. Not until after M’s birthday and her departure, because it would make me sad for her to be here and me not to be here. Here here here. What shall I get her for her birthday? Mas Wings fanart? That seems like a good idea.

Speaking of drawing peectures, which I was in two previous paragraphs, what about the one I drawed before. It is, like, my favorite. Not actually my favorite. Just, like, my favorite.

The moral of the story: birds no longer trust foxes. That sentence was just spoken in the room around me, and I found it peculiarly relevant to my thoughts.

This entry started out pointless and has degenerated. I should probably stop.