I am finally home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At my own home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee* Back at my own computer and able to shower in my own shower (wis water pressure, even!) and sneep in my own bed! I can hang around naked and play the one-line game and look at Saitou all day and I love my home!!!

M’s rats, Marzipan and Tonks, came home wis me. Lester apparently isn’t up to the difficult and time-consuming task of keeping them fed and watered. The problem is that their little claws make my skin itch like fiery madness (an allergy that’s developed in the last few years, as growing up none of our rats ever bothered me), so I’m not likely to hold them and play wis them as much as they could desire. Still, that’s better than starving, isn’t it?

I keep forgetting to make a sixth-anniversary-of-my-website post. Mayhap wis the FH,FS chapter I shall. Nobody cares about that story, and nobody cares about my website’s sixth birthday, so that seems appropriate.

Today I will eat spicy meatballs and rice. My mom sent me home wis everything in her kitchen that didn’t fit into her diet, so I now have all the pasta in the world and this giant bag of meatballs. That is rather exciting. I made some fruit punch out of freezer pops. I am ingenious. The only problem is that it’s not carbonated.

Once upon a time, before my vacation and I forgot to mention it, Tanya and a friend came over here. I don’t know why, but there they were. They talked about how weird I am and how strange my apartment is and how terrible all the art on my walls looks, and drank whiskey. And Tanya’s friend arranged my refrigerator magnet letters into some words: “LAMENT REPENT GARBAGE.” It’s like having a little emo poem of my very own reminding me of… something… all the time.

Oh, Might and Magic VI… why are you so indefatigably addictive??

Do I have anything else to say? Just dreams, I think; I still haven’t written down the Saitou’s-elephant dream, and I had a couple of really good ones last night. That, of course, needs its own post.