So I had a test/interview for a new job today. I didn’t want to risk the uncertain bus routes on my first visit to the establishment, so I borrowed my mom’s car. Well, my dad’s out of town, so borrowing my mom’s car meant I was borrowing the only car around; hence, I needed to dive L to seminary. Which meant I had to stay the night. So I did that: slept over (again) at my parents’ house, and got up at 515 to take L onto the base. Since I hadn’t managed to fall asleep until about 1 (my regular bedtime being 2 or 3), you can imagine I was pretty tired at this point. But the item was at 830, I needed to be about 15 minutes early, it was going to take me about half an hour to get there, and by the time I got back from taking L it was already almost 7. So there was no point going back to bed.

So I go in there, and ace their stupid test as usual. The interview, however, did not go well. They kept asking questions that weren’t relevant to my current job or the job I was applying for. Mostly shit like “Give a specific example of a time when such and such, which never happens in a call center, happened,” and then all these questions about team work (which, incidentally, doesn’t occur in call centers either). Some of them, I’m sure, were relevant to McDonald’s, but I find, these days, that I’ve repressed all pertinent McDonald’s memories and can only recall pranks I pulled on people and stupid shit I did when I was the closing manager. Anyway, so I was like O_o and almost asked these guys if they were reading me the correct set of interview questions. I probably should have, because the outcome was that they determined I am not creative enough to work at their call center. No joke. Not creative enough. Maybe because I didn’t come up wis bullshit answers to their bullshit questions?

Anyway, then I went to work at my current job. You know, the one that’s all the time sending us home early because we’re not busy enough and is closing in February? And guess what I got sent home early. So I go home and promptly fall asleep, which is unsurprising but very not good. Naps are bad news for me: they make me groggy and depressed and destroy my chances of getting to sleep on time that night. When I woke up from this stupid nap I didn’t mean to take, I found a half-hour-old text message on my phone from my brother asking if I wanted to come out to dinner wis him and my mom. I almost freaking cried. God, I’m changing tenses in this post a lot.

See, missing out on spending time wis my family is one of the most depressing things I can think of… most especially when there’s no good reason for it, such as that I was taking a nap I didn’t want to be taking in the first place. And what made this even worse was that I’d missed it by so short a span of time; if I’d just awakened half an hour earlier… Then I emailed my mom and discovered that they’d even come to my apartment and driven around the parking lot for a while waiting for my response to the text message. Of course my miserable, frustrated reaction to this was, WHY DIDN’T YOU CALL??!?!?!? though I didn’t actually say it because at that point it would have been purposeless venting (which is what journals are for).

Going to dinner wis them would have fixed my day, whereas missing it made it a million times worse. Bad days are something I very rarely have. But here was one. Stupid day. Of course it probably wouldn’t have qualified as a bad day if not for PMS. Damn PMS. Now I’m going to stop this entry.