In the first dream, I was wandering around in a sort of Old Colorado City type locale, where there were all these little shops selling bizarre stuff. One of these shops, which sold mostly cabinets carved out of wood and ivory, had a hot blushing girl who was apparently embarrassed by my presence somehow. A witch ran the shop, and she was kindly showing me all the cool stuff she had for sale. But then once she got me into the back room, she revealed her devious plot. Somehow I had to go through all these trials to strengthen my mind or something and end up marrying the blushing girl, who was a kidnapped princess.

The first trial I had to go through was being really scared. To effect this, Saitou (who worked for the witch) was supposed to throw me into this swimming pool and throw this elephant in after me. Laughable as this sounds (and I have yet to stop laughing about it when I remember this dream), you have to admit that it would be pretty damn scary. However, Saitou fell in love wis me and helped me out of the pool instead of throwing the elephant in after me.

Then the Hero from QfG was supposed to do something else to me, but he fell in love wis me too and didn’t. He also had an elephant. Either that or he shared Saitou’s. And he rode around on it outside doing Heroic stuff that was against the witch’s orders but that would eventually help her. Because although all the witch’s servants were rebelling against her, they still wanted what was best for her. Awesome.

This whole palace that you got to by going through the back room of this little shop was decorated middle-east/oriental style, and there were pools everywhere. There was one pool that was filled with scented oil and covered wis this thin plastic film kinda like the lids on the awful boba smoothies they sell at the awful boba place that bought out the good boba place. Anyway, the elephant (or one of the elephants) had always wanted to swim in the oil pool because his skin was so dry and cracky, but the witch had forbidden it. But the Hero told him to go ahead and do it anyway. I protested because there were no stairs out of the pool and the elephant would drown in the deep oil. “He’s an elephant, not a hippo,” I protested. But I got the feeling that Link (who also worked for the witch and had also rebelled when he fell in love wis me) would push blocks into the pool to make stairs for the elephant, so it was OK.

The witch was resigned to all her slaves revolting, but wasn’t about to let me have all of them for a harem. So she decreed that I had to choose just one of them. Now, you’d think the choice would be beyond obvious in this case, but for some reason I got the feeling, as I was waking up, that I was going to choose the princess.

Then in one dream I was She-Ra. I was running from Hordak trying to get to somewhere where a good showdown could take place. He was having his minions shoot after me. So I made myself look like Hordak to confuse the minions. Then, just to increase the confusion and keep more than the real Hordak from following me, I made everyone look like Hordak. The first was one of the powers She-Ra often forgets she has, and the second was a wish granted by some other power (Light Hope?) Anyway, it worked: only Hordak and I ended up in the spot I wanted the showdown to happen. However, I was having the damndest time fighting him because I was laughing so hard at the stupidity of the show.

Last night I dreamed I had a donut machine. It also dispensed coffee and hot chocolate, and it had an entertainment system as part of it as well. Then some guy came into my apartment to rape me and I screamed and screamed. But the phone woke me up. The donut machine part was cool, anyway.

And now I am incredibly angry because there are a couple of dreams I’ve forgotten by putting them off too long. I may remember eventually, but for the moment I am soOoOo annoyed.