Last dream. I remembered whilst at my parents’ house. My whole family sans Mostle had gone to some Middle-Eastern country on a vacation. While we were there we were going to go grocery shopping, but as we were crossing the parking lot a huge gunfight broke out between the terrorists and the good guys. Don’t even ask; I don’t know. Anyway, we ran to the next building and went inside to hide wis a bunch of other innocent bystanders. For some reason, the next building over contained the jungle. It had a little river running right across it, kinda like that one shop in Majora’s Mask. So we were all standing in the little river looking out the window to see when the gun fight would end. My family was discussing the fact that Mostle was arriving tomorrow, but that, now we saw how dangerous it was, we didn’t want her to come. Eventually the fighting stopped, and apparently the good guys had won. They lined up outside the window and sang a song in Arabic to reassure us. I got the feeling it was a hymn. It was like an Amelia scene: all turbans and galabiyyas and long beards.

At about this point I noticed that there were crocodiles and snakes (no dogs) in the little river, so I suggested we get out. “Not that it will help much against the crocodiles,” I added, “but it’s better than standing practically in their mouths.” You’d think it wouldn’t help much against the snakes either, but whatever. I have the best dialogue in dreams. Anyway, a snake bit me as I was helping people out of the water. Shockingly, it bit me right on the spot on my arm that usually has the worst carpal tunnel pains. Then I decided that, since the gunfight was over, we might as well leave the jungle-building anyway, so I started encouraging people out the door. Some crocodiles were coming, so I was very enthusiastically encouraging. Then I heroically rescued some little girl who was the last person out; as I was holding the door open, the crocodile lunged at her, but I pulled her out of the way. I win.

Then I woke up and laughed my ass off.