Damien. What a sadly neglectful aunt I am.

This is he an hour old. He was almost 11 pounds when he was born; good thing P had a C-section. This was back in November.

First off, note how pale P was compared to Damien. That’s not the crappy picture quality distorting things; that’s the actual contrast. Anyway, Damien has an amusing habit of flinging his arms out at random, usually while he’s asleep. We call it spellcasting. In this instance, he woke up, raised his arms up over his head as you see here, and then went back to sleep like that. P and I laughed so much. Then I went home and made this one:

It was important. Not bad for a five-minute edit of a cell phone picture, is it? :D

Of course most pictures of newborns involve sneeping. P, naturally, took every chance she could get to do so. Here they are in the Bebop chair in the rec. room.

They’re not all crappy cell phone pictures, I promise.

Damien’s aunt Mostle held him also. Of course we all did, but I don’t have most of those pictures yet.

Those were all the pictures I have from Thanksgiving and Christmas; my mom hasn’t sent me the ones she took yet, which is why there are none of me. So from there we jump to the ones P sent me a few days ago from her new home in Cafilornia.

Apparently P’s insane mother-in-law gave them lots of furniture. Ah, floral patterns.

Eventually P got less pale and Dami got less incredibly red.

He likes to make shapes wis his mouth.

And he still casts spells.

P takes him to the beach all the time. Kyle hasn’t been able to go wis them a lot because of military item, but sometimes he can.

I couldn’t bear to size this one down any further than this.

Kyle and baby. Kyle wasn’t around long enough to get a nickname. That’s weird.

Well, that’s all the Damien pictures for now. I shall move on to another post.