I just opened the ice cream I bought, like, eight months ago. This is how often I need ice cream.

Northanger Abbey sucked. Catherine was way too savvy (and pretty), Henry was bizarrely mean, everyone else was underdeveloped, and the pacing was agonizingly bad. And I won’t even get into the odd, unnecessary angst, the massive departure from source dialogue, and the oversexualization that is so typical of modern Austen interpretation. Mou. This coming Sunday is Mansfield, which is my favorite; they certainly can’t do worse than previous attempts, so we’ll see. If it’s as bad as Northanger, though, we may not be able to get through it.

Mostle’s rat Marzipan died. Tonks is lonely.

Dragonsands is the biggest pain in the ass to clear out. There are, like, seventy-five dragons hanging out in the middle there, and I’ve been working on it for months (game-time). I keep missing solstices, too.

I have been working on Angles rather productively, but now it is time to go play Mario Party wis my mom.