Somebody in Schenectady spent eight hours on my site yesterday. Why is that awesome. That’s like an entire work shift. Speaking of work, a few details about my new job: I am going to be selling DirecTV. Inbound sales. For about what I was making at Virgin Mobile plus commission. So far it seems pretty awesome, though the irony of my working for a satellite TV company becomes more apparent on a daily basis.

I’m starving, but I really don’t feel like eating any of the stuffs I have here in my home (that is, pasta wis no sauce). Mayhap I shall go to the gas station. Appa’s a little flat anyway, and I need to see if they have the airs. Though I definitely don’t have any change. Incidentally, my new job is about three miles away (that’s an estimate based on travel time) and takes about half an hour to get to on Appa. Since my training class starts at 7, that means I’m riding in the freeze before the sun rises, which means I have to Shishio up to get there (e.g. layers, not spontaneous combustion, though the latter would have a similar warming effect) and it’s all dark and stuff. Monday I saw a dog wis a headlight and a tail-light. Also somebody stole my headlight off Appa that very first day of work. How old are we, people, seriously?

I’ve got my fingers crossed for my Virgin Mobile 2007 vacation pay on Friday. If I don’t get it until next week, that will be problematic on me.

Done for now.