I am so so so so addicted to chacha all of a sudden. My brother showed it to me and now I can’t stop. It’s this service where you text message a question to “chacha” (242242), and someone on the other end looks it up online and responds wis the answer. I have sent more than 150 questions to them today (it helped that my dad was supposedly going to pick me up from work but didn’t show up for two hours and it was 10° out). Nearly all of them were things I already knew the answers to, just to see if they could get it right and how they would phrase it. Some questions they were able to answer correctly:

“What objections did Lia Emerson’s parents have to her marrying David Todros?” “What are the roots of the word ‘begorrah?'” “How did Komagata Yumi die?” “What is the profession of Szark Sturtz’s father?” “How many times does Sethos ‘die?'” “In the faery tale about Prince Narcissus, what song did the frogs of the enchanter Grumedan sing to the princess?” “In ‘Shaman King,’ what is Faust’s full name?” “When was the spork invented?” “What’s taking ‘Saiyuki Reload’ volume 8 so long?” “How many sopranos does it take to screw in a lightbulb?” “Does Chibiusa ever appear in ‘Pretty Guardian?'” “How far is it from Garden Terrace Apartments to PRC?” “How many issues were in the ‘Psylocke and Archangel: Crimson Dawn’ mini-series?” “Where was the Tigers’ clubhouse? (e.g. Bugs Meany)” “Who is Xena (the warrior princess)’s girlfriend?”

I have to admit, though, that about half of my questions were vanity searches. “How many fanfics has kuroiyousei written?” “What story did kuroiyousei most recently update?” “What story is kuroiyousei (supposedly) going to update next?” “In kuroiyousei’s ‘Crimson Coronation,’ what is the name of the princess?” (a trick question since there are two of them). “How many music videos has kuroiyousei made?” “What color are Ghenidr’s eyes?” Not to mention about twenty questions about HR since none of them could seem to find it. I was giggling so hard at the thought of these people getting paid to tell me how many fanfictions I’ve written. Some of the savvier ones would form their answer like a little advertisement: “To date, kuroiyousei has written over 80 Rurouni Kenshin fanfics and 10 miscellaneous fanfics; she is also an artist!” That was quite a source of squee. Some of them decided I was male, and that was a source of hilarious. Now I come home and look at my site stats and find the evidence of some of the searches they did to find these answers. I am amused and engrossed and entertained to the point where I will probably upgrade to an unlimited text package so I can continue to play wis this service conveniently.