I’m in the last week of training at work now. It became clear to all of us as soon as we got on the phones that our trainers hadn’t really taught us as much as we’d thought or… much of anything, really. We’ve been going over stuff wis team leads all week, and they’ve been shocked at what-all we don’t know. I feel like I’ve learned more from them in the last couple of days than I did from the trainers over the last two weeks.

So tomorrow’s payday at last. Here’s to rent and getting my damn internet back. Did I mention they seem to have misplaced my last check at my previous job? The current word on that is, “Well, maybe payroll has it…” which is delightful because payroll is only around while I’m at work. Freaking annoying. Ah, well.

Now the question for today is whether I’m going to be productive or play Prince of Persia for some hours.