My trip to work never takes the same amount of time one day as it does another. I leave pretty consistently at 1315, and get here some time between 1345 and 1420. It doesn’t really bother me to be here excessively early, though, since the consistent aspect of the journey is how tired and sweaty I am by the end of it. Some cool-down time is good item.

I did pretty well yesterday. I saw 25% (which is what we need to be at to get commission) for the first time, and while my average for the day was beneath that, it was heartening.

My WPWoDT chapter has been extremely compliant. It keeps cheerfully growing and is almost done. There have been very few days lately when I haven’t been able to work on it, and those days have been mostly because I’ve been distracted by Amelia and the Prince of Persia (usually at the same time), not because the story didn’t want to be worked on.