So Gregoreee has been reading Warriors Blue and commenting on every chapter. This is terribly gratifying, of course, but it has raised a concern in my mind. He’s been gradually reading all my fics, and this is the first one he’s gone through that had a sex scene in it. I’ve found it pleasing and a little surprising all along that he’s been reading my gay fiction so readily, and I had assumed without even really thinking about it that he would skip the sex scene in WB. He didn’t, and his review for that chapter was as positive and specific as those for other chapters.

And my immediate thought was, OMG, he must be secretly bi.

Obviously part of this jumped-to conclusion is the usual hedonism: the fact that Gregoreee is hot and it’s delicious to think of him wis another guy… but that’s idle fantasy, not actual reasoning. The latter, I find, is based on a very disappointing attitude: I realize I’ve been assuming that no heterosexual person could ever possibly be that open-minded about gay art or gay sex involving their own gender — not even Gregoreee, who has never been anything but perfectly respectful of all gay issues. His actual sexuality is entirely irrelevant; it’s the fact that I automatically assume a straight person is incapable of enjoying a certain type of art that really bothers me.

My own faith is based on the connection of human minds and the uplifting of the human spirit through art. I’ve known for a while that I’m somewhat heterophobic, but realizing how it applies to such an important area of my life is quite disturbing to me. I can only hope that being aware of the problem will help me to solve it.