Yesterday we went to the aquarium in Denver. We were going to go to the zoo also, but managed to get there twenty minutes after they’d stopped admitting people (even though they didn’t officially close for two more hours). I like the aquarium better than the zoo, but that was sad because the zoo is also made of awesome. But at the aquarium we saw jellies and sharks and jellies and tyrtles and jellies and eels and jellies and one freaking awesome octopus and jellies and all the things I love. I yuff the aquarium telve million. I got an awesome keychain from the crap shop that flashes my middle name (they had two racks for my first name, but both were empty) over and over and over WITH SOLAR POWER. So cool.

I’ve been staying at my parents’ house for a week now; at first it was for Easter and to see Mostle (and grandma and uncle), but now it’s for Spring Break and to watch item wis Lester. We finished Cowboy Bebop (which I think made him cry) and have started Firefly. Cat is here wis me, of course, and she has catched one large mouse. Good jobon her to be so clever and crafty.

Today my mom and dad and Lester are going away somewhere for an overnight vacation-like something. I can’t go wis them because I have to “work.” Considering my job tends to send me home after 1.5 hours (because I suck at it so bad), this is highly irritating. If it were up to me, I’d just call off and go wis them… but they won’t take me under those circumstances. Gotta get that $15, you know? It’s quite depressing.

So lately I have developed this obsession wis Michael Jackson. It kinda sprang up out of nowhere and took over my musical life. Coincidentally and conveniently, my uncle had all sorts of MJ musics on his laptop and made a copy for me whilst he was here. This was terribly exciting; now I have plenty to listen to whilst I attempt to be productive. That’s what I’m going to do after this entry. If I don’t just sit around being depressed. Period hormones + abandoned by family = sad.

OK, now I seem to have no more to say.