I dreamed that my family lived on a lake. E.g. each of us had a little island for our own room, and we swam to see each other. Well, we were taking care of several little boys, and apparently they had no issues wis this arrangement. Actually, the swimming was so incredibly easy… it was more like levitating wis the awareness that you were surrounded by water than real swimming. Anyway, one morning (or, more likely, afternoon) I woke up when my mom and an ambiguous sibling and the boys showed up at my island. We were all going to swim off to the… uh, bathroom… island together… for some reason.

The bathroom scene had actually played before the scene I just mentioned, although it chronologically came after. In the bathroom, I spent a very long time admiring myself in the mirror. I was black, and not fat, and gorgeous. The left side of my head was still shaved, but the rest of my hair was in long tiny braids, and some of them were dyed red. I looked soOoOoOo good. Apparently it wasn’t an unusual thing for me to be randomly black in this world, because it didn’t surprise me or anything; actually, it took me a while to notice.

Then in another dream, Yahtzee was a high school teacher who was out for the day, and I was the sub filling in for him. There were only five people in the class, and it was very dark for some reason. So in his desk Yahtzee had a couple of really valuable NES and SNES cartridges (why they were valuable the dream didn’t explain), and a few of the guys in the class stole them. Now, I had a huge crush on Yahtzee (which… isn’t so far from the truth) and was so chagrined that my first meeting wis him was going to have to be to explain that I’d let some of his students steal his collector’s items. (Apparently somebody else had arranged for me to sub for him, but I was going to see him in person after the day was over, or something) Even in the dream I was like, -__- He shouldn’t have been keeping them at school anyway, but still I wasn’t looking forward to telling him.