OK, new roomly home, which I finally have set up pretty well as it’s going to be for who knows how long, and I’m trying to decide how to decorate the walls and possibly the ceiling. I won’t have space for most of my wall-stuff, but some of it can definitely go up. But that’s quite a decision. So. I invite anyone’s opinion. Here is what the room looks like:

You can see most of my wall-stuffs in these two posts (ah, I miss that apartment already), but for some reason I never got a shot of the ceiling. They’re mostly Star Wars posters from back in the day when I was into Star Wars… I’m not anymore, but it seemed like a shame to have a blank ceiling and so many posters; here they don’t seem an option. But others include Pirates of the Carribbean, Labyrinth, Shrek, mas SKU, Serenity, Rammstein, Lady in the Water, Weiß Kreuz, Gundam Wing, and… I think that’s it.

I’ve also got lots of little printed arts — fanarts I found online and really liked, stuff I drew (many of them also fanarts I really liked XD), things like that — and I was thinking it might be cool just to cover the walls wis that.

Lastly, I have about a room’s walls’ worth of Tolkien art, which could probably cover all this space. I don’t feel like mixing that wis other stuff, though, so it’s either all of that and none of the cheap fangirly stuff or none of it.

So what goes up and where?

The other thing I needed to mention (and post peectures of) is my cat’s new blanket fetish. Actually I could have sworn I already did mention this, but now I can’t find it… and anyway I didn’t post pictures. So. It’s always really cold in this room, even when it’s warm outside. So my cat has gotten into the habit of sneeping under the blanket on the bed. This is something she never ever did before. Well, sometimes she would sunngle against me under the blanket, but would never sneep all alone under a blanket. But now she does, all the freaking time. And if when I get up I leave the blanket in a state too crumpled/folded back for her to creep under it, she’ll come bug me about it until I go fix it.

Cell phone peectures, since my camera was in a box up until just now. I love those peectures, though, because it’s, like, CAT SURPRISE!!! Love.

No mas.