Today I alphabetized my books. Anyone who has a collection of… anything… probably knows how exciting and satisfying this is. Anyway, previously I had a separate shelf in my bedroom for special stuff… Tolkien, doujinshi/artbooks/other random anime/manga-related-but-not-actually-manga stuff, the book I wrote, books FarStrider made for me, and so on. Since I no longer have shelves besides my main bookshelves, all of this just went onto the normal shelves in the appropriate alphabetical spots. And I got so excited for a bit when I thought S,oKB was going to go right after The Divine Comedy… only then Daredevil got in the way. Ah, well. (It occurs to me that that will only make sense if I mention that I shelve books by author, manga and comics by series title {except where I have more than one series by the same mangaka and except where I put all single-volume yaoi under ‘y.’ Also some books — such as psychology textbooks, scriptures, and dictionaries — got categorized}. I really do know that ‘I’ comes after ‘A.’)

Incidentally, the pastry on Hostess chocolate pies is better than the Safeway equivalent, but the Safeway ones have better filling.