So I mentioned that my Safeway is really lax, right? Yeah, as long as you’re nice to the customers and the store’s running OK, they don’t care what you do. Half the people don’t follow the dress code… we all just seem to take our breaks whenever… it’s kindof awesome. The best part, though, is that nobody ever bothers to be particularly professional over the PA. Today at least once an hour somebody would get on and remind everyone in the store that it was the store manager’s birthday. After one such reminder, the assistant manager got on and sang Happy Birthday to him like a drunken redneck. He slurred and twanged his way through the entire song; it took at least two minutes. By the time he was finished, I was laughing so hard I had to put my knife down.

I discovered what we do wis the adorable leetle cheekins we roast if they don’t sell. They get dismembered and the breasts chopped up for chiccen salad. I was happy about this. First, I have never dismembered chiccens before, and it made me feel like Aria only wisout the blood. Second, we waste way too much food as it is. It was a little morbid, though.

My co-worker Amanda — who has an amusingly bad attitude about customers and work in general (bred, I believe, of being massively overworked because of everyone in the deli quitting a couple of months back) — turns out to be a raving anime and even yaoi fangirl. That was the best news I’ve heard since… well, since I was hired. Squee.

Incidentally, having spent the last three years in sit-on-my-ass jobs, I am not used to being on my feet all day anymore. I am in a crying level of pain after these three days. I’ll get used to it eventually, but I’ll be limping until then.