I got my HR started at a decent time yesterday evening, but then somehow I was just massively distracted and slow, and kinda tired. So I put it away at about 1 in order to go to bed. Only then — I’m not even sure what happened — I messed around on, like, YouTube and shit until 4 AM O_o I don’t even remember what I was watching. So then I slept until 1300 today. Then I was distracted again/still, this time mostly by Michael Jackson, Daisy/Peach stuff, and a new story idea, so it took me, like, six hours to finish. But I finally did finish — two new pages and one from the dark ages re-colored — so good jobon me.

At some point while I was working on that, L came in and asked, “What if the paparazzi, instead of being, like, photographers and journalists and stuff, were three-headed snake monsters?” L is so freaking cool.

Michael, we’re not going to fight about this, OK?