So I dreamed I was the daughter of Will and Elizabeth, and was meeting my dad for the second time on one of his days off. And Jack was around. You’d think at least Jack and Elizabeth would look older, but nobody did. Near the end of the day, when Will was headed off toward the Dutchman, I was thinking about how hot he was and how it was such a shame he was my dad. But eventually I realized that I resembled Jack more than I did Will, and was like Hmmmmmmmmmmm…. The idea of being the daughter of a Jack/Elizabeth affair was so interesting that I literally said to myself, “No, I can’t continue this story until I’ve seen the beginning of it,” and sortof rewound to see earlier events.

Instead of going all the way back to the Jack/Elizabeth stuff, though, I just started where I had first encountered Jack. Apparently at the age of about eleven (and it’s weird to be a child in any dream) I’d escaped my mother’s care and gone to some scuzzy port town somewhere that had suspiciously Coloradoish landforms. I was making a living running errands and that type of thing, and apparently I was delivering something for some drag queen merchant to the other side of the ridge. S/he gave me a leg up onto the ridge, and I started climbing/running along; looking back, I saw hir fall right off, probably to hir death. This was freaky, so I kept running. Eventually I heard people coming along behind me, and wis childish logic I was absolutely positive that they were going to accuse me of murdering the merchant.

I’d come to the end of a lane; there were buildings to one side and fences on all the other sides. I noticed Jack standing on the other side of one of the fences — noticed in that OOC way where I realized my dream-character wasn’t supposed to be aware of him yet, so I ignored him and tried to climb the fence at a different spot. It broke, though, and fell over wis me under it. Just then the people came running up, and I decided to stay still under the broken fence in the hopes that they wouldn’t see me. Apparently my fence-climbing attempt had been destructive in more spots than just one — however that works — as Jack came swaggering in through another opening and started to distract the people wis drunken singing and such. I think he recognized me and was trying to give me a chance to slip away. But I was too scared, and just stayed where I was. And eventually someone noticed me. Jack was about to do something else — there was a balcony and a whore involved — but then I woke up.