A couple of weeks ago, a high school friend drowned in the sea. Apparently he’d gotten into a car accident and sustained head injuries, which led him to… drown in the sea. They couldn’t even find him for a couple of days.

I remember in high school one of his friends drowned in the sea. His mom, who was crazy but a very good person, got all crazy about it at us at a church meeting talking about how this friend had been “taken by the water.” I wonder how she’s taking this.

It’s weird to think about someone you went to high school wis being dead. He was someone I always had a very high opinion of back then; I remember reflecting at one point that I might easily have developed a thing for him if he hadn’t been so churchy (and if I hadn’t been perpetually boyfriended during high school).

Today I found out that a former co-worker from McDonald’s, wis whom I’ve kept vaguely in touch mostly via MySpace, died in a motorcycle crash a week ago.

I always thought she resembled Kirsten Dunst, and apparently other people did too because when I told her that she gave a long-suffering sigh and said she’d never been able to see it.

I just saw her and her little daughter sometime last month. I had to tap her daughter’s nose because it was so cute, and the girl said, “No!! Leave me alone!”