Recently I dreamed that Mario, Luigi, Sonic, and Link had all teamed up to rescue a whole slew of differently-colored princesses from the overly-industrial capital of some totalitarian kingdom. I’m not sure who I was… Wario, probably, since that would be awesome.

I also dreamed that I was riding Appa (my Appa) to the Penrose library. Nothing particularly special about this except that the Penrose library is a bazillion miles away.

Then last night I dreamed that I was sleeping with some creepsome guy I didn’t like. What was interesting about this was that the dream provided some vague explanation about an open mating flight to justify it. No wonder I felt so downtrodden and ineffectual.

Unfortunately, all the other dreams I’ve had lately have gone the way of all the rest of the stuff I’ve been meaning to write in my journal lately. Ah, well.