In one dream, I was Saitou’s girlfriend. Yeah, too bad I woke up, huh? Anyway, although he seemed fairly canon, I was over at his modern house where he lived wis his parents (^__^;;;;;;;;;;), and his dad was hitting on me. Sitting all close to me and creepsome stuff like that, and at one point he deliberately spilled soda on the couch so it would get my ass wet and I would have to dry my ass off wis paper towels. Not the greatest I-am-Saitou’s-girlfriend dream I’ve ever had.

And I remembered one that I had a while back that I’d forgotten. Yosaffbridge was trying to shoot me and Tokio. I don’t know why she included Tokio in this vendetta she had, but she did. Anyway, after I’d prevented this for a while, my mom showed up and declared that we would have a contest to see who was better. A contest involving who could install a new power outlet in her bathroom faster. Fortunately, I used magic, so I won.

Yosaffbridge was supposedly being nice now, so we were having a party to celebrate my winning the contest. At some point I went out to the car (the old Ford Aerostar) to get something, and discovered that the rats (who were, for some reason, living in the car) weren’t actually both females as we’d thought and one of them had had about twelve million babies. But I decided to deal wis that later, and went back inside. There, I discovered that Yosaffbridge had drugged the punch and everyone was unconscious. I started to black out too, but used magic to prevent it. She was trying to shoot me, but I twisted the gun around and she shot herself instead.