1. Put your playlist on random
2. Post the first line from the first 45
3. Get your friends to guess what song the line belongs to
4. Give credit when someone guesses correctly

1. Now that you’re out of my life, I’m so much better
2. Do you remember a guy thats been
3. Dear Amy, see you in September
4. I think it’s time we blow this scene
5. We got winners, we got losers
6. [song title] and with fear and trembling stand
7. If you leave her, I’ll leave him
8. Love, such a fantastic word; I repeat it in my heart
9. yuke yuke dyuukufuriido tobe tobe gurendaizaa
10. Ah, lo vedi, che hai tu detto?
11. You make me wanna throw my pager out the window
12. Money, money, money, money
13. So we’re at the end and at the same time we’re at the beginning of this misadventure
14. Hands, don’t let her go
15. We all live on the edge of town
16. suisei wa kami wo nabikase
17. nante ai ni fukarete konna kokoro yurashiteru no
18. Let me take the fall
19. tooku no kaze wo mi ni matou anata ni wa
20. So, you know how people are
21. December 25th, 1986
22. Watching them come and go
23. Don’t remember where I was I realized life was a game
24. kokoro wa kizu tsuite iyasezu ni
25. There’s something sweet, and almost kind
26. I’ll tell you a tale of the bottomless blue
27. She said the man’s going home with me
28. You’re in my arms and all the world is calm
29. daikirai datta sobakasu wo chotto
30. They caught the last poor man
31. hoshifuru yoru kimi ni aitakute
32. River, river carry me on
33. Like the perfect ending, it won’t be too long
34. In my hour of need
35. It’s all a game; you’re not the same
36. Are we the [song title]? Are we the [song title]?
37. No more! The crap rolls out your mouth again
38. Braulio tiene ojos grandes y cabellos oscuros
39. Those days we gave our all, unaffected
40. I’ve always tried to break through your walls of fire
41. [song title several times] Now everybody keeps on telling me how to be
42. gomen ne sunao janakute
43. I wake from a nightmare now; in the day it haunts me
44. Who knew at this party that I would walk in and I’d see you
45. There’s a band called [song title] playing downtown tonight