K, Fiddy Fee and I saw The Happening, and now I am lying on her couch having creepsome time, which is why I am posting. I remember after The Village how miserably hard it was to get to sneep even after P and I watched two other movies… this one wasn’t that bad… more unnerving than scary… but I am easily scared during sneepytimes.

I would have to place this one squarely at the bottom of list “Shyamalan Movies In Order Of Awesomeness.” It was good, definitely, and I still worship the man (and I know most of the world disagrees wis me, and they can just fuck off) , but let’s just say of The Happening that I’m glad he’s free to work on Avatar now.

Mayhap I will have more to say on it later. Now it’s time to not be scared as I try to go to sneep. I will think of Chou. Incidentally, HR will probably appear on Sunday. Not that anyone cares.