OK, rereading Saiyuki again on account of Reload 8 freaking finally being out, I feel compelled to make some very important commentary.

So Gojyo defeats the youkai who was after him, and immediately runs into Hakkai’s room to see if he’s OK. Then they stand there talking for, like, two minutes before they think of the others at all.

“Don’t expect any thanks from me,” says Sanzo. Gojyo replies, “I wouldn’t want them anyway,” then with a sidelong glance at Sanzo adds, “But you do repay your debts, right?” And Sanzo, turning away, says, “Of course.” Just how are we supposed to take that, exactly?

So the old lady says, “Oh, my. Aren’t you all handsome! If only I was ten years younger.” And Gojyo replies, “Or twenty, aunty, but who’s counting?” leaning on her shoulder exactly the same way he always leans on Sanzo’s shoulder. This is hilariously ambivalent to me.

Now they’re passing out from Yaone’s drug. Gojyo and Sanzo are facing each other in one panel, both obviously affected by the drug. Turn the page, and here we have Hakkai cradling Gojyo against his chest. So who moved? Did Gojyo stagger over to Hakkai so he could collapse against him? Did Hakkai race to catch Gojyo as he fell? Or did Sanzo just move out of the way to allow for the inevitable cuddling?

So right after Hakkai and Gojyo discuss having a sort of sixth sense to warn you when someone you love is in danger, and Hakkai runs off and starts to get his ass kicked by whoever, Gojyo senses it.

“And I, ah… convinced Gojyo to let me stay with him,” Hakkai says. What’s wis the hesitation there? How exactly did he, ah… convince him?

Yeah, I’m just going to skip all the “Sanzo is godly hot and everyone wants him” moments. OK, well, yeah, I’m skipping some moment or other in every other panel, because that’s how sweet this manga is. Whatever.

“Goddamn subtext,” Gojyo says. DA HA HA. How many bishounen in how many series want to say that?? Though the subtext isn’t quite so close to the surface in most other series…

They all find Gojyo again and kick him in the head, and immediately thereafter he and Hakkai have a pagelong moment… but he doesn’t have a moment wis either of the others. I am… becoming…… a…….. convert…………

Though why does Gojyo turn to Sanzo for confirmation of the fact that he has a “killer body?”

No… I get it… I get it… Gojyo and Hakkai are… and Gojyo and Sanzo are… dammit, this was not supposed to be a fic-inspiring reread…

Dokugakuji forced his… comparison… on Kougaiji.

“Can ya tell me your name? Next time I’ll make sure to call it out loud.” Goku’s still such a kid at that point, but I just can’t help interpreting that statement completely differently than he meant it…

“Hey, Hakkai, how long ’til the next village? I can’t feel my ass.” I’m not even going to comment on that one.

Does Gojyo have to lean down that close to Hakkai just to make that comment…?

OMFG… OK. This isn’t part of my gay commentary, but I have to mention… when Hakkai says that Zakuro has joined them is one of my absolute favorite scenes in any manga anywhere ever.

Yeah, I’ve stopped bothering wis the Gojyo/Hakkai moments, too. There’s so damn many of them.

“I can’t beat Sanzo the way I am now,” says Kougaiji. “I have to get stronger.” This is only significant to me because I’ve been completely conditioned to respond to anyone wanting to get stronger in order to beat someone else wis “OMG IT’S LOVE.”

Now they’re all holding each other’s weapons.

OK, you know what? I’m sold. Absolutely sold on this Gojyo/Hakkai (or Hakkai/Gojyo) thing. Seriously. I don’t know why I never was before, considering I’ve reread this manga as far as it’s gone about fifty times. But for some reason, I have completely bought into this pairing this time through. Holy shit.



Aaaarrrrrgh, why do these have to be so fucking short??? And at the end all it says is, “Coming soon in Saiyuki Reload vol. 9.” “Soon?” “Soon?” WHEN?!?!? ARGH. What if they make me wait another year?????????

*stomps about*

It’s a damn good thing I have a new WA to read too, else I would likely really go mad.

You know, all this time I’m supposed to have been working on HR.

I think… I think it may be time for me to start reading fanfiction. I CAN’T STAND THIS. ARRRGGGHHH.

OK, I’m done now.