One of my pet peeves is and has always been people trying to get you to admit “what’s wrong” when you’ve already informed them that nothing’s wrong. Why do they assume you’re lying? And, assuming you are lying and something is wrong, why do they think you’re going to break down and pour out your emotional problems to someone who had to freaking ask twenty-five times?

OK, yeah, journal entry. So recently at work there was this bag of leftover meat in the fridge, as there usually is when there’s a small amount of meat left over at the end of the day. Only someone had written “MEAT” on this bag in marker. You know, just in case the rest of us thought it was… pudding… or something. This was a million amusing on me.

Hand has been hurting too much to draw for the last several days. That’s OK; I only have about twelve gazillion drawing projects lined up. My WC chapter is almost finished, though, and that’s good.

Small animals continue to fall into my window well for the torment of my cat. The current one is a creature that is probably a mouse but looks like a gerbil. Also, a mother deer and her TWIN BABIES have been wandering around the area and visiting our yard (which is like a buffet) a lot lately. These baby deers are the smallest baby deers ever made, and painfully cute.

That’s all.

OK, so lj will no longer let you make future-dated posts wisout using the “date out of order” function. What a pain in the aaaasssss.