In one dream, I was sitting around hanging out on top of a square pillar at the Jamboree church building. For some reason I had this clothesline stretched from the roof of the building to a pole at the other end of the yard (because there were these giant green lawns around the building), and had hung all my wall scrolls on it.

A nice middle-class residential area had sprung up around the church, and some guy who lived there had come over the fence onto the church property. He was that type that’s middle-aged or just past that thinks he’s always right and has a right to do whatever the fuck he pleases that’s the bitchiest type of customer one ever has to deal wis in food service. He was sitting on the last wall scroll in the line, which happened to be the Trigun one I like less. He was sitting on the black plastic bar thing at the bottom, kinda like on a swing or something, disregarding the fact that this is not possible, and the effect was that the scroll was ripping apart.

There were a bunch of high schoolers showing up for seminary at this point. I asked the guy to stop sitting on my scroll, and he got all bitchy and affronted like I’d asked him to stop breathing or something. His bitchiness got me up in arms, and we argued for a bit until I was demanding that he pay for the damage to my scroll. I was so irritated wis him that I was going to call the police, but I didn’t know the non-emergency number. So I texted ChaCha and asked, and they came back with some retarded unrelated response.

Guy and I kept arguing and insulting each other, and ChaCha kept sending me stupid answers that were not what I wanted, and the whole situation got more and more absurd and frustrating. Eventually it got to where I didn’t even really care anymore, but was still insisting on principle. The guy became vaguely menacing, and I, intelligently, was taunting him about this since if he hit me I’d be even more the victim.

This guy had a… companion (brother? son? sex slave? the dream didn’t clarify), a guy about my age wis a buzzed head, that seemed much more reasonable. He was trying to calm us down and mediate, but for some reason the way he was doing was to rub the buzzed part of my head. “Do you feel better now?” he asked. I replied wis confused incredulity that, no, I didn’t. He replied in disappointment, “Well, whenever someone does that to me, it calms me right down.”

We were all on square pillars by this time, and at one point I took my glasses off (I don’t remember why) and set them down just as the older guy slammed his fists down in anger. So he smashed my glasses, at which point I started crowing over him that he’d destroyed something much more valuable than just a wall scroll and wasn’t he in trouble now. But about that time the dream ended.

In another dream I was a companion of Jack and Will and Elizabeth. And I was that character that gets wounded and then won’t freaking stay in bed and recover but wants to get up and do things. Jack and Will had come back from some excursion, and I really wanted to go see them. Elizabeth and my mom were insisting that I needed to rest, and I was insisting that I needed to see Jack and Will. Elizabeth was helping me to a bathroom, which I proceeded to use wisout removing my underwear. This, however, was not going to stop me from going to see Jack and Will XD

Whether I did or not, I don’t know, because at that point the dream shifted and I was playing an erotic game of hide-and-seek wis Barbossa. I was wearing this cute little white sun-dress wisout underwears, so perhaps this was later XD XD XD

Another dream I had was set at/in a lake, and whenever I have a dream in such a setting there are lots of random extended family members around since most of my lake experience comes from family reunions at my great-uncle’s lakehouses. So all the extended family was there, and also Sano and Kenshin and Aoshi. Kenshin and Aoshi were lovers, and for some reason Kenshin’s weapon, rather than a sword, was a big ol’ whip like in Castlevania (and if you think I mentioned those two facts in the same sentence by accident, you’re wrong). Sano and I were messing around wis Kenshin (and by that I mean giving him a hard time), and he was putting up wis it patiently. There was something about a clothing store that was, like, part of the lake and my MP3 player being inexplicably waterproof.

Then we decided to go home or something, because it was getting late or something. Aoshi came over and demanded to know where we’d left Kenshin’s whip (XD), so although I didn’t remember having handled his whip at all that day (XD), we went back across the lake to find it. Now, apparently my cousins had discovered that if they rode their bikes fast enough, they could ride right across the surface of the water. I thought this was super-cool, and dared one of them to ride over one of the whirlpools that periodically formed in the water. So he did, and that was cool. Anyway, Sano and I got back to where we’d been… yeah, there’s really no word for it other than playing… and were looking around for Kenshin’s whip (XD), when we noticed that there was a nightclub right there on shore at that side of the lake. We decided to go in, but were a little worried because we were wearing the swimwears. Then we noticed that the club was built into a cliffly thing that blocked all access to the little beach except through the lake, meaning they must be catering to swimmers, and therefore couldn’t object to our attire. And that was about the end of that.

That’s all I can remember for now, though I know I’ve had quite a few more interesting ones lately. Why don’t I freaking write them down when I get up >_<