OK, I finally got around to emptying my camera card. I feel like crap today, and am being completely unproductive. So I will post a few of these.

This was Jojo the first.

When I opened the window, he came right in and went right into the box all on his own.

This is one I took of my brother at the Denver zoo. I couldn’t get him to keep a straight face.

The rest are the usual Tokio shots. Here she is in her beanbag chair.

Once while she was sitting in her chair I put the blanket around her.

It was made of cute.

When she gets bored I put her on top of the bookshelf.

She likes to sit in the laundry basket.

Usually she won’t sit in it when there’s actually laundry in it, but sometimes she will.

One day she helped me like this.

And the other night she helped us all play Scrabble. (This is a cell phone picture, obviously)

But the truth is, she doesn’t care.