HR Hajime and Sano

Ah, I love this picture. Hajime and Sano as they appear in Heretic’s Reward, though of course it takes them a while to get to this point and they’re not wearing those outfits anymore by then.

2 thoughts on “HR Hajime and Sano

  1. LONG HAIR! (*_*)


    Both their clothes, as well as the positions they’re in, are really, really nice. Sano’s hand at the back of Saitou’s neck and Saitou’s grasping a certain someone’s toned behind~

    And… I’msosorryIstillhaven’treadHeretic’sReward,whatthehell?!

    *clears throat*

    Gotta correct that mistake. Immediately. (=_=)

    1. :D Glad you like it! I’m very fond of this piece, so it’s nice when other people like it too. But it’s probably better not to rush to read the story, since it’s still in progress.

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