K, so jasmedra wanted to know what my results were for the quizzes I made several years back that have been moldering on my website ever since.

I’m Soujirou!!!
Take the quiz: If You Were Paired With Aoshi, Who Would You Be?

There was a big to-do about this one on some Aoshi/Megumi forum for a while, to the point where I had to add an addendum to the quiz intro because people kept posting their results and saying, “But I’m not anything like Soujirou!!!!!!” and whatnot. Also they apparently didn’t expect male characters to be among the results, and were freaking out about that. What were they expecting, though? A quiz wis only three possible outcomes?

I’m Niji!!!
Take the quiz: Which Rurouni Kenshin Opening/Ending Theme Are You?

Good lord, it takes half an hour to read the options for each question in that one…

I’m a DRAMATIC SxS fic!!!
Take the quiz: What kind of SxS Fic Are You?

And this quiz is still awesome. The PWP answers make me die laughing.

There you go, Deeds :D I think I got Kenshin last time on the first one, but the other two are the same as before.