So in this amusing dream, I and many, many other people seemed to live in this giant amphitheater-type item that was part actual theater and part, like, I dunno, living in a giant upside-down cone or something? With seats? Anyway, Kenshin was my boyfriend and he lived in the amphitheater too. Saitou was there, but I don’t know whether he lived in the amphitheater or not. Of course I had feelings for him too, and was conflicted. Actually I kinda got the feeling that I’d started going out wis Kenshin because he was the only option at the time, and then Saitou showed up and I went Oh, Crap.

So Saitou and Kenshin were fighting. Except that in this context, “fighting” seemed to mean “sitting around in theater chairs doing… something… talking? …and keeping score.” Nevertheless, I was terribly worried about the outcome of this fight, and, while not wanting to get in the way, was watching very anxiously. Well, one of the leetle screws in my glasses started to come loose, so I set them down and went to find something to fix them wis. When I came back, they were gone.

Enter the weird guy. Some guy a little younger than me had taken my glasses and was just casually wearing them and looking at me. I was like, OK, yeah, give me my glasses back, and he tried to act like he didn’t know what I was talking about in one of those stupid-annoying-guy ways where they’re bald-facedly bullshitting you because they think it’s funny. So I took my glasses away from him, and he was like, “Oh, I took the lenses out, but I got them all mixed up with these other lenses.” Because he was still being goofball-annoying, and also there was some of that little-boys-are-jerks-to-girls-they-secretly-like phenomenon there too. But I could easily tell which were the correct lenses, so I put them back in and went back to watching the all-important fight.

Some other stuff happened that the dream kinda glossed over, but eventually the annoying guy had apparently harassed me so much that he was being dragged away by the police. At which point he still had the balls to look at me all appealing with some smile that was supposed to be winning and say, “Can I see you again?” And I — and this was what really cracked me up about this dream — I just gave him this totally skeptical look and said, “Do you have any idea who my boyfriend is?”

Yeah, so I thought that was hilarious. The best part is that I can identify which parts of which of my own fics (and which part of which Batman movie) inspired which parts of this dream.