Last night I dreamed something about the Joker. I’m not even going to bother trying to describe it, though, since it was too incoherent. I will mention that he had a psycho-looking purple-and-green convertible item.

Mostle is coming home on Wednesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I should be working on FH,FS, but instead I am working on elsewhat. WOT. But this other story is, like, half-finished or something, so it keeps calling to me. One peecture is kinda calling to me too, but I mostly don’t feel like drawing right now.

Also, Mostle is coming home on Wednesday.

And now this story doesn’t want to be worked on any further today. It doesn’t help that I’m tired. Once upon a time I was used to working lots of days in a row wisout a break, but in modern times just six in a row wears me out. Oh, I will see if I feel like drawing a little bit.

Well, I’m kinda scribbling, but that’s OK for now.

And Mostle is coming home on Wednesday!!!

Ooh, AAX signup.

Why does fucking lj not save drafts for comments. Fuck lj.