It’s interesting (and annoying) how little it takes to put you behind during the last hour at work. Today at ten ’til leaving, some stupid woman came over and asked whether there was any hot soup left anywhere. I had to go open my big stupid mouth and tell her that I could warm some cold soup up for her in the microwave. I thought that wouldn’t be a problem — you know, throw it in the microwave, go do stuff I needed to do for a few minutes, come back, and give her the soup — but noOoOo, she had to take that to mean, “I can fulfill all your food-preparation needs for the rest of the week.” She wasted fifteen minutes of my life on retarded shit, pushing me into overtime so I had to leave dishes not put away and the dishwasher not cleaned out.

The best part was when she handed me this soup cup full of olives like she expected me to do something wis it. I explained that she needed to put the olives into one of the tubs that sit at the olive bar (you know… next to the olives) and put the stickered lid on it so they could ring it up at the register. She was like, “It seems like a shame to dirty another container…” I was like, WHATEVER, “Just make sure you grab one of the stickered lids so the checker has the code.” Then she said, “Is it cheaper to buy it like this or pre-packaged?” And I was like, RETARD, “It’s definitely cheaper to get the olives here by the pound than go look for them pre-packaged.” And she said, “No, I mean the soup.” And I was like WE WEREN’T DISCUSSING THE SOUP YOU STUPID BITCH. Yeth. She annoyed me that much. WTF olives in soup cup???

Yeah, so, AB, if you’re opening tomorrow, sorry.